2024 Appointment Renewals Announcement

Pay Renewal Invoices

State Requirements

Renewal Period

  • -

Termination Deadline

State Fees


NIPR Processing Fees

Individual  Appointment Renewal – Per License Class $75

Business Appointment Renewal – Per Member $75 Per Member

License Classes / Lines of Authority

Life , Accident and Health or Sickness, Variable Life and Variable Annuity, Property, Casualty, Personal Lines , Credit, Travel

Business Rules

  • Electronic processing through NIPR is mandatory and appointment renewal invoices cannot be paid directly to the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.
  • Companies will be billed for appointments that are active as of July 1, 2024.
  • Companies may terminate any appointment that should not be included on appointment renewal invoice until July 14, 2024, as long as requested effective date is prior to 07/01/2024.

    Companies may backdate appointment terminations up to 15 days.
  • All appointments submitted on and after July 1, 2024, will not need to be renewed for the current year and will be included on the next renewal cycle in 2025.
  • Electronic payment options chosen through NIPR will immediately reflect the invoices as paid and NIPR will forward payment and renewal transactions to the state within 24 hours of that payment.
  • Appointment Renewal and NIPR processing fees are non-refundable.
  • If an invoice appears to be inaccurate, please do not pay immediately and contact NIPR Support at for assistance.
  • Payment Method Fees: Credit Card or Electronic Check. There is a $60,000 limit on Credit Card payments. Please contact the state if invoice is over the limit.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Massachusetts Division of Insurance
1000 Washington Street, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200
United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Online printing information can be found by going to NIPR's license print page and selecting the state.

A licensee must place their termination letter in writing to the Division of Insurance, Producer Licensing Department’s attention.  In the letter, they must stipulate what they would like to have happen to their licenses.  We prefer that their licenses are also included with the letters.

One year

Send this information in writing to the attention of Duncan Kayondo, Corporate Licensing Administrator. Duncan's email address is

It depends whether one is moving into the state or whether one is moving out of state. A licensee would have to notify the Division of Insurance’s Producer Licensing Department in writing or may call the Department for further instructions at (617- 521-7794 and opt for line #3). 

  • If one is moving into MA, he/she has 90 days to make the changes without having to take the MA exams, of course they would have to terminate their old resident license first.  MA verifies prior licensure via PDB.  
  • If one is moving out of MA, we would need that info in writing and the license would be terminated, as the licensee has now moved out of state.  If the licensee becomes licensed in new state and wants to remain licensed as a non-resident in MA; he/she must notify the Producer Licensing Dept as soon as they hold a new resident license in his/her new resident state.   If there was time left on their MA license which now has a status of moved from state; MA will reactivate license and change to non-resident license.

or call 800-741-9380


  • Include one of the following proof of name change items with your request
    1. A copy of your marriage license
    2. A copy of your driver’s license, displaying your new name
    3. A copy of your Divorce Decree

NIPR is currently working with Massachusetts to make access to Continuing Education (CE) transcript data available via MYNIPR. 


Click here to be directed to MyNIPR application.