2019 Appointment Renewals Announcement

State Requirements

Renewal Period

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Termination Deadline

Other Important Dates

  • The NIPR website will have available the renewal invoice and a list of appointments due for renewal on November 1, 2019.
  • Termination requests for individual appointments that are not to be renewed must be processed before 3:00 PM CDT October 28, 2019.
  • All appointments added on and after October 29, 2019 will not need to be renewed.
  • Invoices will no longer be displayed on the NIPR website after 4:00 PM CDT, December 31, 2019.

State Fees


  • Limited Lines Producer: $50
  • Travel Retailer: $50

NIPR Processing Fees

NIPR Renewal processing fee will equal one percent of the total state fee charged with a minimum of $5 and maximum of $1000.

License Classes / Lines of Authority

Limited Lines Producer, Travel Retailer

Standard Rules

  • Appointment & Terminations Turned Off: No
  • Appointment & Terminations Turned back on: N/A
  • Transactions Declined during down time: N/A
  • PDB Alerts Turned Off: No
  • Appointments will update to show renewed on PDB: 12/31/2020

Business Rules

  • Electronic processing through NIPR is mandatory and continuation invoices cannot be paid directly to the Department of Insurance.
  • Companies will not be allowed to terminate any appointments on the list, once the invoice and list has been generated and made available.
  • Electronic payment options chosen through NIPR will immediately reflect the invoices as paid and NIPR will forward payment and renewal transactions to the state within 24 hours of that payment.
  • Appointment Renewal and NIPR processing fees are non-refundable.
  • Please contact Illinois Department of Insurance at if you have a dispute regarding a specific appointment and documentation to verify you previously terminated the appointment. Disputes must be resolved prior to the date the appointment renewal cycle begins.
  • Only appointments for producers with active licenses on PDB will be renewed.
  • Appointment terminations can only be processed for appointments that are shown as active on the PDB at the time the termination transaction is sent to NIPR. Termination requests for individual appointments that are not to be renewed must be completed before 4:00 PM Central Time on October 28, 2019.
  • If appointment renewal invoices are not paid before 4:00pm Central Time on December 31, 2019, the appointment and Producers Limited Lines License will be cancelled. If this occurs, a new license application and appointment must be submitted after January 2, 2020.
  • Appointments issued after 10/28/2019 will get 2020 expiration date, and not be on the 2019 invoice.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Illinois Department of Insurance
320 West Washington Street
Springfield, IL 62767-0001
United States

Special Instructions

James R Thomson Center
Attn: Rich Nitka Regulatory Unit

100 W Randolph St. Suite 9-301
Chicago, Illinois 60601-3395

Phone: (312) 814-5430
Fax: (312) 814-5416