State Requirements

Missouri / Resident Renewal / Individual

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  • Fees shown are state fees only. These fees do not include NIPR transaction fees.
  • All fees are charged per application.  
  • The late renewal fee for insurance producer applicants will be an additional $25 per month for up to one year past license expiration date.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive a duplicate application warning from NIPR, please STOP and call the NIPR help desk or the department’s help desk at 573-751-3518 to determine the cause of the warning and prevent duplicate fee payments, which may not be refundable.

  • Avoid these common errors that cause duplicate fee payments:
    • Applicant marked the incorrect line of authority when completing the application.
    • Applicant applied for a business entity producer (BEP) license that was already held by the BEP.
    • Applicant completed two (2) identical applications.
    • Applicant applied for a license they are not required to hold.

Insurance Producer

  • Renewal Fee: $100.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $25.00

Surplus Lines

  • Renewal Fee: $100.00

Motor Vehicle Extended Services Contract

  • Renewal Fee: $25.00
  • Please note that license class names can vary by state.

Insurance Producer

  • Life
  • Accident & Health or Sickness
  • Variable Life and Variable Annuities
  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Personal Lines
  • Credit
  • Crop
  • Travel
  • Title

Surplus Lines

  • No Line of Authority Required

Motor Vehicle Extended Services Contract

  • No Line of Authority Required

Applicant Can

  • Submit renewals for individuals electronically.
  • Submit renewals for major lines of authority.
  • Submit renewals for limited lines of authority.
  • Submit renewals for Surplus Lines for individuals.
  • Late renew through NIPR's Resident License Renewal (RLR) Application.
  • Print license electronically.

Applicant Cannot

  • Submit partial renewals.

Business Rules

  • Renewal period starts ninety (90) days prior to license expiration date.

  • Missouri does not accept partial renewals electronically.

  • Applicants with a status reason of Voluntary Surrender are not eligible for renewal.  Applicant is required to apply as a new applicant and meet all initial licensing requirements. 
  • Insurance Producer applicant will be allowed to late-renew license electronically for up to one year past license expiration date. After one year the applicant may reinstate through the initial licensing application.

  • Surplus lines applicant can reapply for their license starting the day after the expiration date. Note: Exam requirements and all initial licensing requirements apply for Surplus Lines reinstatement transactions.

  • Motor Vehicle Extended Services Contract applicants may reapply through Non-Resident Licensing application the day after expiration date. New licensing requirements will need to be met.
  • If applicant responds "yes" to one of the background questions please submit supporting documents electronically via NIPR's Attachments Warehouse. The documents may also be submitted to the state via mail, email, or fax.

All License Classes

Renewal Period Begins: Ninety (90) days prior to expiration.

Renewal Period Ends: Expiration 

Late Renewal Period: For up to one year past license expiration date. 

  • NIPR verifies compliance with the states CE requirement prior to allowing submission of a renewal application. You may select your resident state on the following link: Verify My CE to view your CE transcript and determine whether the state has updated your status to compliant in their system and on what date.  It generally takes up to 72 hours from the compliance date for the status to be updated in our system.


Insurance Producer

  • Life
  • Accident & Health or Sickness
  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Title



Contact Information

Mailing Address

Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance
P.O. Box 690
Jefferson City, MO 65102
United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Online printing information can be found by going to NIPR's license print page and selecting the state.

  • One Year


  • MO Dept of Revenue
  • (573) 522-3620

  • Licensee must submit a signed statement indicating that they wish to cancel or surrender license or line of authority. Statement must include licensee name and license number.