Oregon Pharmaceutical Representative License

Individuals marketing or promoting pharmaceutical products to health care providers in the state of Oregon must obtain and maintain a valid license issued by the state's Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Oregon Pharmaceutical Representative License

On July 19, 2021, Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, signed into law Senate Bill 763 that requires pharmaceutical representatives to obtain a license prior to marketing or promoting pharmaceutical products to health care providers. The law requiring the license is effective January 1, 2022. The state will begin accepting applications via NIPR on November 12, 2021.

License Requirements

Prior to engaging the marketing or promotion of pharmaceutical products to health care providers, pharmaceutical representatives must obtain a license from Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services (“DCBS”).  The conditions of initial licensure will include completion of a professional education course that the Director of DCBS specifies by rule and the payment of a $750 license fee.

Applicants may review license requirements and submit the license application and fee via the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) at www.nipr.com.  The application will be processed using the Product Type listed as Producer Licensing/Other.

*Please note: This requirement does not apply to pharmaceutical representatives engaging in this activity “for fewer than 15 days during each calendar year.”

Annual renewal conditions include completion of least five hours of continuing education that the Director of DCBS specifies by rule and an applicant or a licensee may not receive professional education from the applicant’s or licensee’s employer, as well as paying the $750 license fee.

Key Definitions

“Pharmaceutical representative” means a person that markets or promotes pharmaceutical products to health care providers.

“Pharmaceutical product” means a medication that may be legally dispensed only with a valid prescription from a health care provider

“Health care provider” means a person that is licensed, certified or otherwise authorized under the laws of this state to prescribe, provide or dispense pharmaceutical products to patients for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment or care of disease, injury or congenital conditions including, but not limited to, a person who is: (A) A physician or physician’s assistant; (B) A nurse practitioner; (C) A psychiatrist; (D) A pharmacist; or (E) A hospital, clinic or pharmacy.

Helpful Application Tips

Identify Licensee Page: Sign in using your last name and social security number.  You will be prompted to enter your date of birth on the next page.

Select Product Page: Select Producer Licensing, Initial, and Resident or Nonresident based on your primary resident address.

State: Select Oregon

Licenses: Select Pharmaceutical Representative 

Demographic Data: Resident, Business, and Mailing are required.  Home and Business phone are required. Personal and Email address are required.

Background Questions: Applicants may voluntarily answer the background questions as part of this application for a pharmaceutical sales representative license or elect to answer “No” to the background questions (#1 through 8) to continue with the electronic applicationThose who do not wish to do either may apply via a paper application and submit directly to:

Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Service

Attn: DFR Licensing

PO Box 14480

Salem, OR 97301


Oregon Pharmaceutical Representative License Application