Published Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo– NIPR (the National Insurance Producer Registry) unveiled its new website today, designed to support NIPR’s strategic goal to provide an exceptional experience to customers through an intensive focus on quality, simplicity, and consistency.

The multi-phase project to modernize NIPR's website involved discussions with customers, state regulators, members of the customer service team and NIPR board members. First, customers were interviewed to address concerns, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. That feedback was used as the starting point for developing a mock-up website. Next, teams worked to create clear content and website navigation, while conducting another round of customer interviews and observations.

Goals for the new website included:

  • Simplifying the site by reducing options to the most critical actions allowing users to navigate easily to the appropriate product(s) or content.
  • Revising language and ensuring that requirements are easy to understand.
  • Integrating functionality and features to make the users experience more consistent
  • Standardizing the process for updating content.

"This project highlights NIPR's commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience," said Karen Stakem Hornig, CEO for NIPR. "From customer feedback, we knew the old website was difficult to navigate. The new website will improve the user experience and give our customers more timely and accurate updates to content. We will continue to make improvements and add new features. Our goal is to make the experience as personalized as possible for our customers.”