State Requirements

Texas / Resident Renewal / Individual

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  • Fees shown are state fees only. These fees do not include NIPR transaction fees.
  • All fees are per application.

General Lines Agent

  • Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $75.00

Personal Lines Property & Casualty Agent

  • Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $75.00

Life Agent

  • Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $75.00

Surplus Lines Agent

  • Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $75.00

Managing General Agent

  • Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $75.00

Limited Lines Agent

  • Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • Late Renewal Fee: $75.00
  • Please note that license class names can vary by state.

General Lines Agent

  • Life, Accident, Health & Health Maintenance Organization
  • Property & Casualty

Personal Lines P&C Agent

  • Personal Lines Property & Casualty

Life Agent

  • Life

Surplus Lines Agent

  • No Line of Authority Required

Managing General Agent

  • Managing General Agent - Property & Casualty

Limited Lines Agent

  • Limited Lines

Applicant Can

  • Submit renewals for individuals electronically.
  • Submit renewals for major lines of authority.
  • Submit renewals for limited lines of authority.
  • Submit renewals for surplus lines for individuals.
  • Late renew through NIPR's Resident License Renewal (RLR) Application.

Applicant Cannot

  • Submit a partial renewal. All Lines of Authority must be renewed.

Business Rules

  • By renewing online, you affirm that you have reported to the Department any administrative action and/or any criminal history, including convictions, deferred adjudications, probations or pending charges. You may report such information by scanning and electronically attaching to the  NIPR Attachment Warehousethe required documentation directly for your renewal application. If you do not have scan capability, mail it to: Texas Department of Insurance, Agent and Adjuster Licensing- MC CO-AAL, P. O. Box 12030, Austin, Texas 78711-2030.  Federal law (18 USC 1033) prohibits an individual from engaging in the business of insurance if they have been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust without express written consent of a commissioner of insurance.

  • Applicant must not hold an active resident license in another state
  • Applicant cannot renew earlier than ninety (90) days prior to license expiration date for an active line of authority (LOA). Two (2) year license expires on individual birth month and date. No grace period without penalty.

  • Applicant cannot late renew an inactive license. Applicant must reinstate or reapply through NIPR's Resident License (RL) Application.

  • Applicants renewing surplus lines must have active Texas general lines property and casualty or Texas managing general agent licenses on Producer Database (PDB) with a future expiration date.

  • Partial renewals will not be accepted electronically. Applicant must renew all active lines held at renewal or submit a paper renewal form to Texas DOI.

  • If applicant responds "yes" to one of the background questions please submit supporting documents electronically via NIPR's Attachments Warehouse. The documents may also be submitted to the state via mail, email, or fax.

  • Due to variations in Texas state processing, it may take longer to process your application. Please visit for Texas processing dates and information.

All License Classes

Renewal Period: Ninety (90) days prior to expiration date up to expiration date.

Late Renewal Period:  Up to eighty-nine (89) days after expiration date.

Reinstatement Period:  Begins ninety-one (91) days after expiration date.

  • NIPR does not verify compliance with the states CE requirement prior to allowing submission of a renewal application, however compliance is required prior to the states approval of the request. You may select your resident state on the following link: Verify My CE to view your CE transcript and determine whether the state has updated your status to compliant in their system and on what date.  It generally takes up to 72 hours from the compliance date for the status to be updated in our system.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Texas Department of Insurance
P. O. Box 12069
Austin, TX 78711-2069
United States

Special Instructions

If your application was submitted through NIPR's electronic application, please submit your documentation by attaching and sending them directly to;

NOTE: This is ONLY FOR NIPR electronic filings. Any other submissions/filing types sent to this email address will automatically be deleted.

Email Instructions:

If submitting documents via email, please provide the following information:

Subject: provide license type

Applicant Information

  • applicant’s full legal name

  • contact email address

  • NIPR transaction number

  • license type

  • individual or entity

  • qualification(s) / line of authority(s)

Submitter Information

  • name / firm name

  • position

  • email address

  • business address

  • business phone

Frequently Asked Questions

If your application was submitted through NIPR, there are two ways to print your license:

If you obtain a Producer EDGE account at no cost, there is no fee for printing your license from your Producer EDGE account. Refer to

A $5.00 dollar fee will be required to print your license at After the $5.00 fee is paid, copies may be printed for an additional 30 days at no extra charge.

Individuals Changing Residency to Texas must complete:
Application for Residency Change to Texas

Individuals/Entities changing residency from one non-resident state to another non-resident state must complete:
Licensee Name/Address Change Request Form

One Year

Pearson Vue- 1-888-754-7667

Biographical Form and Certification of License Qualification Following a Change of Control   
*This does not apply to individuals, only entities.

Biographical Form and Certification of License Qualification Following a Change of Control   
*This does not apply to individuals, only entities.

To cancel or surrender a license or line of authority, the licensee must submit signed written notice to Texas Department of Insurance requesting to cancel the license or line of authority or in the case of an entity; written notice must be signed by the DRLP (officer, director or shareholder).  Written notice must include the license number and line of authority.