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Colorado / Resident Licensing / Individual

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  • Fees shown are state fees only. These fees do not include NIPR transaction fees.
  • Per Line of Authority.
  • Amendments and Reinstatement fees will be the same fee as an initial license fee per LOA.

Resident Producer (PER LOA)

Line of Authority Combination: All LOAs except Surplus Lines

  • Fee: $47.00
  • Amendment Fee: $47.00

Resident Producer

Line of Authority Combination: Surplus Lines

  • Fee: $144.00
  • Amendment Fee: $144.00

Resident Bail Registration

  • Fee: $144.00
  • Amendment Fee: $144.00

Resident Public Adjuster

  • Fee: $47.00
  • Amendment Fee: $47.00
  • NIPR does not verify exams prior to allowing submission of an application, however, an exam is required prior to the states approval of the request.
  • Please note that license class names can vary by state.

Resident Producer

Exam Required

  • Life
  • Accident & Health
  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Personal Lines
  • Surplus Lines
  • Credit
  • Crop Hail

No Exam Required

  • Var Life & Var Annuity Product
  • Travel Insurance
  • Attorney Title

Resident Public Adjuster

Exam Required

  • Public Adjuster

Resident Bail Registration

  • Professional Cash Bail Agent

Applicant Can

  • Submit initial license for individuals electronically.
  • Submit major lines of authority.
  • Submit limited lines of authority.
  • Submit surplus lines for individuals.
  • Add lines of authority (amend) to an existing active license.
  • Reinstate/reapply through NIPR's Resident License Application.
  • Print license electronically.

Business Rules

  • Please note that Colorado does not license independent adjusters. If you, or the party you are applying on behalf of, are an independent adjuster who works on behalf of an insurer, please do not apply for a public adjuster license.

  • Public Adjuster's applying as a Resident or Non-Resident receive this message:  "Pursuant to statute 10-2-417(2), C.R.S. and Colorado Insurance Regulation 1-2-19, you must provide a $20,000 signed Surety Bond from an insurance company and a Power of Attorney in the format defined in the regulation. Failure to provide the Surety Bond and the Power of Attorney may delay processing. Email the Surety Bond and Power of Attorney to"

  • Applicant must be eighteen (18) years old or older as determined from the applicant's date of birth.

  • Applicant must not hold an active resident license in another state or an active non-resident license in Colorado.

  • Applicant must not have any serious RIRS actions or 1033 actions. Please contact the state if applicable.

  • All amendment applications will be deferred to the state for review.

  • Professional Cash Bail Agent line of authority applicants must already actively hold the Resident Producer- Casualty line of authority.

  • Resident Producer life is required when Resident Producer variable life and variable annuity product is selected.

  • Resident Public Adjuster must submit a fiduciary bond for an amount no less than $20,000. The original bond must be mailed to or delivered to the state.

  • Surplus Lines applicants must hold an active property and casualty line of authority (LOA) or apply for property and casualty LOA simultaneously in order to be eligible for surplus lines.

  • Variable Annuities applicants who have not provided their CRD# on the application must mail or fax proof of FINRA registration. For applicants who have provided their CRD#, Pearson VUE will verify current registration on the FINRA website. If Pearson VUE is unable to verify this information, the applicant will be notified by mail.

  • Title applicant, including attorney title and title agency, must complete the Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure Form immediately after initial licensure or renewal of a title license. The form can be found on Colorado's state website. Failure to submit the form is cause for license suspension, revocation, and or a fine.

  • Applicants applying for either Variable Life and Variable Annuity Products or Surplus Lines must already hold, or apply for in conjunction with their application, the required prerequisite authority(ies).

  • Colorado law allows an insurance producer exemption from pre-licensing education and testing if reinstatement of their license occurs within one year of the license termination/expiration date.  Beyond that one (1) year period, the individual must apply for a new Colorado resident license, which includes a new prelicensing education course and passing the Colorado exam.

  • If applicant responds "yes" to one of the background questions please submit supporting documents electronically via NIPR's Attachments Warehouse. The documents may also be submitted to the state via mail, email, or fax.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Colorado Division of Insurance
1560 Broadway, Ste 850
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Pearson Vue Office: (800) 275-8247
Department of Insurance Phone: (800) 930-3745
Pearson Vue Email:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online printing information can be found by going to NIPR's license print page and selecting the state.

Requests are submitted to Pearson VUE after the producer has obtained their new resident producer license to:

  • Pearson VUE/Colorado Division of Insurance, 3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 205, Aurora, CO 80014, via fax at 303-733-9507 or emailed

One Year

Pearson VUE at 1-800-274-2616
Colorado Insurance - Test Taker Home

Submit a written request signed and dated by producer to:

  • Pearson VUE/Colorado Division of Insurance, 3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 205, Aurora, CO 80014, via fax at 303-733-9507
    or emailed to:
  • Request must include supporting court documents, marriage Certificate, or Driver's License.

Submit a written request signed and dated by appropriate company offical to:

  • Pearson VUE/Colorado Division of Insurance, 3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 205, Aurora, CO 80014, via fax at 303-733-9507
    or emailed to:
  • Request must include supporting documents filed with the Secretary of State.

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Maintain Firm Associations".
  3. Follow prompts.

Submit written request to Pearson VUE at:

  • Pearson VUE/Colorado Division of Insurance, 3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 205, Aurora, CO 80014, via fax at 303-733-9507
    or emailed to:
  • Requests must be dated and signed by appropriate company official

  • To change an email address:
  1. Visit:
  2. Select "Update firm email address" in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Other contact change requests can be sent using one of the three options:
    • Writing to the attention of PearsonVue via fax at 303-733-9507,
    • Mailed to 3131 South Vaughn Way, Suite 205, Aurora, CO 80014
    • E-mailed to:
    • Written requests must be dated and include the name and signature of the submitter.

  • Please visit:
    Colorado Department of Insurance
    • Click on Licensing. Under forms click on the Licensing Cancellation form. Complete the form and submit it to Pearson VUE at:
      Pearson VUE/Colorado Division of Insurance; 3131 S. Vaughn Way; Suite 205; Aurora, CO 80014,
    • Via fax at 303-733-9507,
    • E-mailed to Pearson VUE 
  • In lieu of the form a producer can also submit a written requested dated and signed by the producer requesting the line of authority or the license be cancelled.