Processing Appointments & Terminations

The Gateway requires certain data standards for the transfer of appointment and termination information between state insurance regulators and the industry. There are three options to submit appointments/terminations through the Gateway.

Options for Processing Appointments & Terminations

Program Your Own

Insurance companies may submit transactions directly through the NIPR Gateway. Companies must program and build their own front end in the format and syntax defined by NIPR.

Please contact NIPRĀ for a copy of the Transaction Layout Document. Companies submitting electronic appointments / terminations directly through the NIPR Gateway must pay the state fees via electronic funds transfer (EFT)

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Use NIPR's Application

A front-end application that allows insurance carriers to appoint and terminate using the National Producer Number (NPN), eliminating the use of the SSN. These transactions are validated with the PDB prior to submission. State and NIPR transaction fees are due at the time of processing via credit card or electronic check.

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Find a NIPR Reseller

Companies who do not want to do the programming themselves can utilize one of the NIPR Resellers to handle programming. Contact any NIPR Resellers directly to determine their pricing.