Company Bulletin #2022-14

License application background questions

• Please be aware that the Illinois Department of Insurance will evaluate and consider the 
individual circumstances regarding any response. Responding incorrectly to any question may be 
of greater concern than the circumstances requiring a “YES” response. 

• Please note: Question 1 and Question 2 on all initial license applications applies to any 
conviction and/or action taken against a licensee regardless of the amount of time that has passed 
since the incident. A “NO” response that should be “YES” will be addressed as a misstatement 
on the application. 

• Question 2 has a several parts. Please review all of the conditions included in the definition of 
“Involved” carefully. It includes a large number of labels, names, and conditions. Again, the 
Department will evaluate the specific circumstances but a “NO” response that should be “YES” 
may be of greater concern than the circumstances requiring a “YES” response.

• Please be aware that the Department has access to all regulatory actions reported to the NAIC. A 
review of this database is conducted automatically on every application. If you have regulatory 
action in any state, please be sure to properly respond to this question. 

• Applicants/Licensees: Be sure to review any application completed by an authorized submitter in 
your name before it is submitted. Any background questions answered incorrectly are ultimately 
your responsibility.

• Do not hesitate to contact your company licensing staff or the Department with any questions or 
concerns regarding your responses to any of the background questions before submitting the