NIPR Contact Change Request (CCR)

The Contact Change Request (CCR) tool allows changes/updates to physical address(es), email address(es), or phone number(s). PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT change your resident state via Contact Change Request, instead you MUST reach out to the state directly to change your resident state.

Contact Change Request Walkthru

NIPR Home page

Go to online application.

Identify as an individual or business entity.

Identify Licensee

Click Start

User Menu - My NIPR


*Must be signed in to access this page and other pages that are after this one. If you are not signed in, you will be directed to the identify as an individual or business. 

Select "Contact Change Request"

You will then see a menu.

Physical Address / Email / Phone. Click on the contact information you want to change. 

Main Menu - My NIPR - National Insurance Producer Registry

Physical Addresses

To change an address

  • Under (Home, Business, or Mailing)
  • Click“Edit Address” in the middle of the box


PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT change your resident state via Contact Change Request, instead you can select the State and Go to State Contact page. Under the FAQ section for the selected state you can then select "How does your state handle residency type changes. If you have additional questions reach out to the state directly. 


Enter the new address and hit “Confirm” in the lower right-hand corner

You may get a pink error message telling you that some states will not be update because they are inactive.

Click" Confirm" again, because some states do not allow address changes on inactive licenses.

You may get notice(s) telling you that certain states will not allow the change you will need to contact those states directly for assistance.


The new address should now reflect correctly in the box.

You will then click the middle button

" MOVE ALL STATES TO THIS ADDRESS" in order to update all states to this new address.

Only active licenses will pull up into the new address box in lime green.

When the address(es) has turned green, that is how you know the address has been changed in that column.

Now, you will need to repeat this process in the other columns, if necessary.

Once you are satisfied with the address(es ) listed,click

“Next" at the bottom of the page to proceed.

You will be back at the main menu.

Once all your changes are made you will end up back to this main menu page. You will then click

“Next” at the bottom of this main menu screen.

Review your changes.

You will then click "Next" and follow questions to the “Submit” button.

PLEASE NOTE: Your changes will not be sent to the state until the ‘submit’ button is clicked


Click “Submit”.

NIPR will forward the request to your state(s). The states will update their database(s) and then update NIPR.

Generally, there is no fee with a CCR. Unless the customer has an address violation the fee will be zero.



Once you receive an order number and receipt, you can be confident that your information has been provided to the state(s).

Please allow 3-5 business days for the information to update. Click here to check transaction status by entering your transaction or order number