OKLAHOMA Non-Resident Adjuster License Renewal for Individuals


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State Announcements

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Primary Rules

Response Question
Yes Accepts adjuster for individuals electronically.
No* Accepts adjuster for business entities electronically.
Yes Accepts Adjuster Designated Home State (ADHS) electronically.
No Accepts partial renewals.
Yes Print licenses electronically.

* Business entities will renew using Non-Resident Renewals rather than Non-Resident Adjuster Renewals.

Renewal Period

License Class Renewal Period Begins Renewal Period Ends
Adjuster Ninety (90) days prior to expiration date Expiration date
Public Adjuster

Oklahoma offers a grace period of three (3) days after license expiration. Applicant will use this NIPR Application (NRAR) during the grace period.

On the fourth (4th) day past the license expiration date, applicant must apply as a new applicant through NIPR's Non-Resident Adjuster License (NRAL) Application.

License Printing

To print your license, click the state on NIPR's Producer Licensing Map.

Business Rules

If applicant submits a partial renewal, another partial renewal application for the same license type cannot be submitted within the same renewal period.

If applicant has an inactive Oklahoma license with any of the following status reasons they must contact the state for reactivation: "by Commissioner's order" (359), "deceased" (23), "revoked" (12), "revoked by state administrative action" (1950).

State Offerings

Please note that license class names can vary by state.

License Class Line of Authority (LOA)
Adjuster Property
Adjuster Casualty
Adjuster Workers' Compensation
Adjuster Crime & Fidelity Bonds
Adjuster Crop / Hail
Adjuster Multi-Peril Crop
Public Adjuster Property

* Applications for Other lines of authority will defer to state for approval.

Applicant may reinstate an inactive line of authority (LOA) on an active license as long as the LOA has been inactive for less than one (1) year from the status date. Reinstatements must be done through NIPR's Non-Resident Adjuster License Application.

Renewal Fees

Fees shown are state fees only. These fees do not include NIPR transaction fees.

License Class / Line of Authority Combination Renewal Fee * Reinstatement Fee *
Adjuster / All LOA's $30.00 (single LOA's) See NRAL
Adjuster / All LOA's $50.00  (multiple LOA's) See NRAL

* Per application.

** Reinstatement fee is charged in addition to standard licensing fee.

State specific/non-uniform question:

  • A licensed adjuster in the state of Oklahoma must complete the required Continuing Education (CE) hours as set forth by Oklahoma Statutes
  • A licensed adjuster may complete CE requirements in a state where the non-resident licensee is currently licensed and has a CE requirement.
    • Question: Have you met one of the Continuing Education requirements above? (I understand that at the request of the Oklahoman insurance Department, I may be required to submit the course completions.)


Last Update: 9/08/2017