Alabama 2018 Preneed Appointment Renewals




State(s) Impacted:


Invoice renewal period:

 5/2/2018 to 6/30/2018

Appointment types renewed :

Business Entity,


Termination deadline:


Appointment & Terminations Turned Off (No)


Appointment & Terminations Turned back on:


Transactions Held in AV (Awaiting Validation):


Effective dates honored when processing is turned back on:


Transactions Declined during down time:


Appointments will update to show renewed on PDB:




State Specific Rules:


All Pre-Need Sales Agent appointments not terminated on PDB as of April 20th, 2018 will be considered continued and will be reflected on invoices created.


The NIPR website will have the renewal invoice and a list of appointment renewals due for renewal for Pre-Need Sales Agent appointments available on May 2, 2018.


Appointment continuation fees will be due for every Pre-Need Sales agent appointment listed on the invoice.  Companies will not be allowed to terminate any appointments on the list once the list has been generated and made available.


Payment of the invoice for Pre-Need Sales Agent appointments is due on or before June 30th, 2018, in the amount indicated on the invoice.  Failure to remit payment by the due date may result in administrative action by the department against the Pre-Need COA.


Appointments for Preneed Sales Agents that have not been renewed by June 30th, 2016 will be cancelled by ALDOI.



Appointee Must Hold One of these license classes on PDB:

License Class PDB/PIN Codes

PreNeed Sales Agent






Alabama State Appointment Renewal Fee

May 2, 2018


July 2, 2018

$30 per appointment






Contact information:

  • Contact NIPR at  with any questions or for additional information.