Application Workflow

To access the Non-Resident Renewals application, go to the NRR State Requirements page.

Click to proceed to the application.

NRR applications are processed through the user interface by following a basic workflow:

  1. Use Agreement: You will need to accept the NIPR Use Agreement

  2. Sign In / Start Application: Start a new application or select to continue a started one

  3. Select Licenses: Make your license(s) and LOAs selection

  4. Fee Details: Preview fee details for license(s) renewal

  5. State Questions: Answer all required state questions, if any

  6. Personal Data: Provide personal data, for individual applicants only

  7. Business Data: Enter business data

  8. Mailing Address: Provide your mailing address

  9. Responsible Producers (DRLP): Identify your DRLP, for business applicants only

  10. Affiliations: List any Affiliations, for individual applicants only

  11. Background Questions: Answer the background questions

  12. Attestation: You will need to attest to the accuracy of the information you have provided

  13. Verification Email: Provide verification email for receipt or transaction issues

  14. Submitter: Provide submitter information

  15. Payment: Make a payment with a credit card, eCheck, or PayPal

  16. Receipt: View and download your receipt

  17. Print: Print the details of your renewal application

  18. Follow up: Read carefully all the additional steps that might be required