Application Common Features

Review the basic features of the NRR application that you will find on most pages through the whole process.


Indicator Definition
1 NIPR logo
2 Application name
3 NIPR Customer Service phone number and email
4 Page title (reference the page title when contacting customer service)
5 Progress Bar
6 Visited page
7 Current page
8 Not visited page
9 Links to additional information on licensing
10 Applicant and application information
11 Displays information on available actions for this screen
12 Work space
13 Important notes are displayed here
14 Back button - will take you to the previous screen of the application
15 Delete button - will delete the current application
16 Exit / Save - will save your progress in this application and take you to the Home page
17 Next - will take you to the next step of the application process
18 Footer menu
19 NIPR address and Copyright information