Terms and Abbreviations

Date of Birth Applicant/Licensee’s date of birth.
ADHS Adjuster Designated Home State.
FEIN/EIN Federal Employer Identification Number is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security Number. To find your EIN, please read the instructions on irs.gov.
Individual License Resident license issued to individual applicants.
Last Name Last name of applicant/licensee.
License Number License number for a specific state on PDB. You will not have a license number until you have been issued a license.
License State State which issued the license.
National Producer Number (NPN) A unique numeric value assigned by NIPR to the licensee. You will not have an NPN until you have been issued a license.
Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing (NRAL) NIPR application that allows producers to electronically apply for non-resident adjuster license(s).
Non-Resident Adjuster Renewals (NRAR) Non-Resident Adjuster Renewals (NRAR) is a NIPR application that allows an adjuster to electronically renew one or more non-resident adjuster licenses.
Producer Database (PDB) The Producer Database (PDB) is a central repository of producer licensing information updated on a timely basis by state insurance departments.
Social Security Number (SSN) Unique number assigned by the United States government.