Owners, Partners, Officers, and Directors

For Business entity applicants only.

Identify all owners who meet at least one of the following criteria:

Indicator Definition
1 Last or Entity Name - The last name of the Owner, Partner, Officer,  Director, or  the Entity name if it is an organization
2 First Name - Individual's first name. Leave blank for organization
3 Title - identify the individual or organization's title: Owner, Partner, Officer, or Director
4 SSN/FEIN - Individual's SSN or organization's FEIN. Numbers only
5 Date of Birth - Individual's Date of Birth. Leave blank for organization
6 Entity Type - Select entity type from the drop down menu
7 Owner - Specify whether it is an owner or not
8 % of Ownership Interest - A percentage of 1 to 100. Answer only if ownership is answered "Yes". For DRLP, enter "0"

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You must enter a first name!

Entity [1] must have a percentage of 1 to 100 if ownership is answered "Yes".

Applicant must enter a FEIN or SSN. Missing Title [1].