Terms and Abbreviations


ACH The Automated Clearing House number is provided by the receiving company and is used to authorize funds transfers from the requesting financial institute.
Alien No Company identifier assigned to foreign firms by the NAIC.
Authorizing Person Identifying information about the company person who is submitting these renewals to the State. This information is passed on by NIPR to the State along with the renewal in case the State needs to contact the company about the renewal.
Cocode Company identifier assigned by the NAIC.
Company Name For the company sign-on, you should only enter the company name if you do not know any of the other identifiers of your company. When entering the company name, only type in enough letters to uniquely identify your company.
Electronic Check An electronic check is a legally binding promise to pay. On screen, it looks just like a paper check and is filled out the same way. It includes details like date, payee name, amount, signature, bank routing code, bank account number and memo line. It is embedded in a secure electronic file in which the user defines data regarding the purpose of the check.
FEIN/EIN Federal Employer Identification Number is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security Number. To find your EIN, please read the instructions on irs.gov.
Invoice Number Once you have viewed your company invoice in this application for a particular State, you can quickly sign-in using that invoice number. However, invoice numbers are state-specific and your company will have a different invoice number for different State appointment renewals each year.
National Producer Number (NPN) A unique numeric value assigned by NIPR to the licensee.
Producer Database (PDB) The Producer Database (PDB) is a central repository of producer licensing information. It is updated on a timely basis by state insurance departments.