Here are the basic features of the Company Appointment Renewals application that you will find on most pages through the whole process.

Identifier Definition
1 Screen name: Please refer to this screen name in case you encounter any problems and contact our Customer Service.


Search for Invoice: Takes you to the Company Search screen where you can start a new search.
3 View Invoice: Displays the invoice, where you can view the totals and make the payment.
4 Print Invoice: Opens the "Print" dialogue box.


View Renewals: Displays a list of Producers and their LOAs to be renewed.
6 Print Renewals: Displays all Appointments on one page and opens "Print" dialogue box.
7 Help: Opens a help page in a new window.


Exit: Closes the browser (or the tab).
9 Invoice #: Use this number to directly access this invoice next time you want to view it.
10 Change Authorizing Person: Takes you to the Authorizing Person screen where you can change the information provided.