Company Search

To access your invoice(s), enter your company FEIN or NAIC Cocode.

If you know the invoice number you wish to access, select the State and enter that invoice number (you don't have to provide FEIN or Cocode in this case).

Identifier Definition
1 State - State issuing the invoice.
2 Invoice #: Once you have viewed your company invoice in this application for a particular State, you can quickly sign in using that invoice number. However, invoice numbers are State specific and your company will have a different invoice number for different State appointment renewals each year.
3 FEIN: Federal Employer Identification Number is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security Number. To find your EIN, please read the instructions on


NAIC Cocode: Company identifier assigned by the NAIC.
5 Company Name: The company name, exactly as it appears on your license. You should only enter the company name if you do not know any of the other identifiers of your company.


Note: Make sure to select the state and provide only ONE company identifier or Invoice number. If needed, delete all extra information entered into the fields.

Click to proceed. To start a new search click and start over.

Note: If the company or invoice is not found, please follow the instructions displayed on the screen.