Fill out all the relevant required fields for the selected sign-in method.

Indicator Definition
1 Individual and Agency Sign-In with NPN - Select this option to uniquely identify your license on the PDB only if you have an active resident license and have been assigned an NPN.
2 Resident State - A state in which the producer has an active resident license.
3 Resident License Number - License number for the resident state on PDB. The license has to be active to log in to the application. You will not have a license number until you have been issued a license.
4 National Producer Number (NPN) - A unique numeric value assigned by NIPR to the licensee. You will not have an NPN until you have been issued a license.
5 SSN/FEIN (Last 4 digits) -
  • Must be all numeric with 9 digits.
  • Must be on PDB.
  • SSN format accepted xxxxxxxxx (no dashes).
6 Agency and Individual sign-in without NPN - Select this method if you do not have an NPN.
7 FEIN - Federal Employer Identification Number is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security Number. To find your EIN, please read the instructions on
8 Firm or Last Name - Provide your firm or last name exactly as it appears on your license (or license application).

Select one of the following methods to sign-in:

Note: To look up your National Producer Number (NPN) or Resident License Number, click the respective link (indicator 3 and 4 on the image above) and the Search window will open.

Provide all the required information for selected method and click .


Could not find an active resident license with this data. Please contact your resident state's department of insurance licensing department.