This page is used to review your appointment or termination selections for the current workflow.



From here, you can select to remove one or more selected items, or return to the previous screens to edit your work. Clicking the "Back" button will return you to the Select Lines screen.


Remove Items


To remove a producer, mark their checkbox and then click the "Remove Selected Items" link. The system will remove the selected item or items and update your workflow accordingly.


Proceed to Checkout


When you are satisfied with your workflow, you can proceed to the checkout page by clicking the "Next" button. Be aware that once you do so, this workflow will be added to your cart, and individual items can no longer be edited (although they can still be deleted, as can the overall workflow itself as well).


Any edits, such as changing the selected lines or adding a producer, that need to be made after adding a workflow to the cart will require deleting the existing workflow and starting over with a new one.