Multi-Producer Search

This pop-up is used to search for a single producer to add to the Select Producers page. To access it, click the "Search for Producers" link located on the Select Producers page, and then click on the "Multi-Producer Search" tab.



Searching for Multiple Producers


To search for producers using this window, please complete the following steps:


  1. Select the desired criteria type you wish to use, such as SSN and Last Name, or FEIN.

  2. Enter the search criteria in the Data Input box.

    1. To enter multiple items, enter them line by line (that is, enter the first item, press return, enter the second item, etc.). Putting multiple items on the same line, or using punctuation (for example, "123, ABC"), will result in an error.

    2. If desired, you can upload a document containing your data by clicking on the "Upload a file" link - you will be prompted to search for and add the desired file.

  3. Click the "Search" button to execute your search.

The results of your search will display, and are organized as described below.


Viewing Results


On the results page, your results are organized into the following tabs:


Only the results on the "Found on the PDB" list can be added to your workflow.


Adding Producers


To add producers from the "Found on PDB" list, check the checkbox for each producer you wish to add, and then click the "Add Selected Producers" button.


Click the "Close Search" link to return to the Select Producers page.