Select Lines

This page is used to select the lines you wish to appoint or terminate for the selected producers. If multiple states were selected, these selections are done by state.



If multiple states are involved, this page will display a row of state tabs to allow you to navigate between states. Selected states that have no available lines to select for appointment or termination are marked with a red "no" symbol.


Selecting Lines for Appointment or Termination


To select a line, please complete the following steps:


  1. Mark the checkbox associated with the relevant producer and line to include that appointment or termination in your workflow.

  2. Select or edit (if allowed) the Effective Date for each selected line. Please note that, dependent on state rules, the Effective Date may be limited to the current day, or to a certain range of dates.

  3. When you have finished your selections, click the "Next Step" button to continue to the Review page.

As stated, if multiple states are involved, you will need to use the state tabs to navigate to each state and make the relevant selections for that state. The checkboxes in the column headers can be used to select or de-select all eligible producers for that line.


Clicking the "Back" button will return you to the Select States and Jurisdictions screen.


Please Note: If you have multiple workflows in the system, the application will prevent duplicates by not allowing you to add a line to this workflow if that selection already exists in your cart. For example, in the screenshot above, the user is unable to select the Casualty line for this producer because this selection is in an existing workflow already in his or her cart.